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20 april 2003 vorb spectrum scan calculator released

here's a nice utility for generating spectrum scans for vorb. it's a freebie for vorb users. requires microsoft excel.


8 april 2003 vorb released

orbitone is back after a long silence with the release of vorb, an innovative, awesome formant shifting vocoder. vorb is the result of extensive research and development, and you won't be disappointed with its sound and flexibility.

available now in the creamware shop.

21 may 2001 all products upgraded

version 1.2 of syn-chrome, version 1.1 of psy-fi and version 1.2 of impressor are all available now in the creamware shop (free upgrades for registered users).

updates include bug fixes and optimizations.

also, a new runnable demo of syn-chrome 1.2 is availabe here.

17 jan 2001 major upgrade to impressor

impressor has been significantly upgraded with optimizations to the original impressor, as well as two new devices: multiband impressor and impressor lite. the price for the bundle is the same as the original impressor price, and registered customers can download the upgrade for free from their download page at the creamware shop.

17 nov 2000 updated psy-fi available

an updated psy-fi is now available, which resolves some project-saving issues in pulsar 2.0. registered customers can download it from their download page at the creamware shop.

27 oct 2000 discount pricing until november 1

syn-chrome, impressor and psy-fi are all available at introductory discount prices until november 1. visit creamware's on-line shop,

on november 1, prices will increase by %15 to cover part of the expense of the creamware shop. unfortunately, we can no longer use the "honor system" in selling devices, due to growing piracy issues.

27 oct 2000 impressor and psy-fi released

impressor, a flexible dynamic effects processor is now available.

psy-fi, a bundle of effects including faza, flanga and sfera, is also available today.

orbitone devices are now available for purchase and immediate download from creamware's on-line shop. time-limited fully-functional demos are also available at the shop.

impressor and psy-fi are both available at an introductory discount price until november 1.

21 aug 2000 da chopper released

da chopper is another new free device from orbitone. apply a rhythmic groove to any audio signal in realtime. more info here.

18 aug 2000 anna released

anna is a new free 64-band FFT analyzer plugin for pulsar/scope. more info here.

10 july 2000 syn-chrome 1.1 released
  syn-chrome 1.1 is now available, with a totally new interface, new MIDI-syncable LFO, improved transformer circuit, and loads of new presets. free update for registered syn-chrome users (will be sent via email to all current users). more info here and updated demo here.
12 april 2000 syn-chrome v1.1 preview!
  screenshot preview of syn-chrome 1.1. the new version (free for registered users) will contain bug fixes, optimizations, and a totally revised surface, providing access-at-a-glance to the entire synth. check it out here.
13 march 2000 new three-o-three update
  the three-o-three synth has been updated with some bug fixes and optimizations.
2-3 march 2000 syn-chrome announcements
  syn-chrome is announced on harmony central, sonic state, intermusic, sonic control, prorec, and future music
26 february 2000 new user reviews
  there are now a bunch of user reviews of syn-chrome on the reviews page. if you'd like to send us your comments, please mail us.
18 february 2000 newsletter available!
  a newsletter is now available. subscribe, and you'll receive any orbitone news automatically via e-mail. you can subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter here
18 february 2000 new audio demo of syn-chrome available!
  there is a new audio demo available of the syn-chrome synthesizer this demo shows a different side of the syn-chrome synthesizer, you can download it here. more demos will follow soon.
15 february 2000 syn-chrome synthesizer released!
  check out the result of our recent intense development efforts: the exceptional new
syn-chrome synthesizer! you can download a demo here.
15 february 2000 new orbitone website
  welcome to the new orbitone website! after a period of silence, we are back with a new look.
27 july 1999 free envelope follower for pulsar modular
  today we released a new device for the pulsar modular, it's a envelope follower which simply does as the name says. you can download it here.
27 july 1999 initial site launch
  today the orbitone website has been launched though it is heavily under construction.







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