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comments from users:


Orbitone's syn-chrome breaks the mold for Pulsar synths. This one takes advantage of the Pulsar concept by creating something different than what you can buy in a music shop. I have been able to make sounds that I haven't heard from any other Pulsar device... big, warm, classic analog, and stuff that is totally unique. This synth is one of the most interesting devices available for pulsar IMHO.
James Johnson


the syn-chrome quickly became my favorite pulsar synth, it's got the most individual character yet & the interface inspires in a new way. all other pulsar synths sound vanilla next to it.
Eric Dahlberg


I love it - it sounds different from any pulsar synth I've tried so far, so well done and a great price.
John Slavin

it is awesome. although the interface is relatively simple the scope of sounds it's capable of are breathtaking. the filter alignment is perfect, distortion (don't know if its a new atom) sounds really crunchy and analogue, and the envelopes are snappy. fat dub basses, screaming leads, sci-fi fx, the full monty.
need to put more work into exploring it's capabilities, but on the surface if ever there was an argument for scope/pulsar users not to need to buy virtual analogue hardware then this is it. congrats to the orbitone team, another stoinker!!
Jules Bromley

i don't know why i hadn't heard of this before but after listening to the demo on the orbitone page i went ahead and bought it If you like pulsar synths you must get this one! It looks simple but looks are decieving! from sci fi warbles to mega dub bass its definately worth checking out!
Jim Matheson

EXCELLENT range of sounds, i love it!
Seth Miller

"the great 303 is one of my favorite pulsar-synths, i use him all the time." monty a.k.a. dan suter
"i'm the proud user of a pulsar and your EXCELLENT "three o three" device" Paul Meredith
"the sound rules" David ÍhlÚn
"the 303 module was really cool... the subosc was an welcome addition!" Ove Karlsen










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