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-=da chopper=-

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da chopper is a simple signal gate, triggered by midi note on events. apply a rhythmic groove, from your keyboard or sequencer, to any audio!

another free gift to you from orbitone.

anna is a useful, and beautiful 64 band FFT analyzer.

the two knobs control sensitivity and accuracy.

a free gift to you from orbitone.


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-=envelope follower=-

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simply load the module into the pulsar modular, wire an audio signal to its input, and use its output as a modulation control signal. set the response time and depth knobs, and have fun!

best of all this device is free!

the three-o-three synthesizer is an update of the famous roland
tb-303. in addition to being able to fairly accurately emulate the original, the three-o-three can produce exciting new sounds with its subosc, its screaming distortion, and its "speaker killer".


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version 1.1 of the three-o-three is now available for download and best of all, it's free!

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