Wrist Bands for Guitar Stands

My Ultimate Guitar Stand has been rock solid, and I much prefer it to my old A-frame stands. However, I’ve noticed some wear on my SG‘s headstock, right where the stand’s self-closing yoke grips it. Disappointing!

Ultimate Guitar Stand Gripping the SG SG Headstock Damage

Ultimate Guitar Stand Wrapped in a T ShirtSo, I threw my daughter’s old outgrown Drop Daddies t-shirt over the stand, and worked with it like that for a few months. Yes, it protects the headstock, and serves as a handy sweat rag too.

But at some point I came to the unsurprising realization that it looks pretty stupid like that on stage.

So, on the hunt for an alternative solution, I briefly considered cutting a pair of old tube socks in half. 🙂 Then I came to my senses.

Wrist Bands for Guitar Stand

But, that led me to the idea of wrist sweat bands. Remember those? All the rage back in the 80’s!

I found a pair of cotton wrist sweatbands on eBay for just a couple bucks.  I ordered the 3.5″ bands in black.

These fit perfectly over the Ultimate Guitar Stand’s yoke, and nicely protect the guitar’s headstock.

Mission accomplished!

Wrist Bands for Guitar Stand Wrist Bands for Guitar Stand