Assembling the iDevice Guitar Interface

Update: 10/19/2011, added links to part #s at radioshack, mouser and mammoth.

Here’s the exciting conclusion to the series, following up the intro in Part 1, and the electronics course in Part 2.

The main goal here is to cram all the parts into the narrow confines of the jack, so we don’t need to use an external box or enclosure.

In addition to the cable and jack parts listed in Part 1, here are some of the things you’ll need:

And some tools:

  • a soldering iron.  I use the Weller WES51 at 750 degrees
  • some 60/40 rosin core solder
  • Helping hands or a pair of locking pliers
  • wire cutters and stripper
  • needle nose pliers
  • various sizes of heat shrink (I use 3/8” and 1/8” in the video)
  • a multimeter to check your work.  I use the Mastech MS8229
  • a bit of 24 gauge PVC coated tinned wire
  • a magnifying glass and a good light so you can see what you’re doing!
  • steady hands!