Vox SSC33TB Guitar

I recently had a chance to play the new Vox SSC33, and it’s a thing of beauty.  This is the mid-priced 33 series guitar, in the single cutaway, teaburst finish, with an ash top, mahogany body and neck, and rosewood fretboard.  It’s an incredible value when you consider it shares the same MaxConnect aluminum bridge, CoAxe pickups, and super-smooth tuners as Vox’s higher end 55, 77 and Virage guitars.  And it comes with a really nice padded gig bag.

The neck is very comfortable and playable, with a 12” radius and 25 1/8” scale length.  I’ve updated my Neck and Neck chart with all the measurements and details.

As you can hear in the video, you can get an incredibly versatile range of sounds out of the pair of CoAxe pickups, with the Clean and Lead modes.   The volume pot is an Alpha 500k audio taper, with no treble bleed- but you can hear in my volume examples that it maintains brightness pretty well when turning down.  It has a really uncommon 4PDT switch in there for the pickup mode selector.    The tone cap is a .015uF poly film, which provides a nice useful tone range.

Total quality workmanship, perfect setup, excellent sound.  It’s a winner.

Update May 18, 2011: For more about the CoAxe pickup system, see my interview with Vox R&D’s Eric Kirkland.

Here’s some pretty photos:

Vox SSC33 Bridge Vox SSC33 Controls

Vox SSC33 Bridge and Pickups Vox SSC33 Vox SSC33 Body Vox SSC33 Body Vox SSC33 Headstock Vox SSC33 Tuners