The Mysteriously Powerful Goof Off

In my recent post, I repaired the power switch on my Yamaha THR10 practice amp after it took a spill from the back of my car. Now, it’s time to deal with the road rash. These black scuff marks on the front panel are the last evidence of its run-in with the pavement. 

Black Scuffs On Yamaha Thr10 Close Up On Black Scuff

Attempting To Clean With AlcoholFirst, I tried rubbing and scraping with a fingernail and a plastic spudger – but no luck.  I’m not exactly sure what these marks are- was I parked over a tar pit?!

Next, I experimented with a bit of isopropyl alcohol on a Q-Tip. But after working it for a minute, it was apparent that I was going to need bigger guns.

Goof Off

Goof Off is a very powerful cleaner which I’ve used successfully in all kinds of difficult-to-clean situations – paint, crayon, glue, etc.

The thing is, it’s so strong, you need to be careful to test first. It can melt plastic. It can remove paint and color that you didn’t intend to remove. Its other-worldly vapors will make you light headed. Wear gloves, protect your eyes, use adequate ventilation, don’t light it on fire. You’ve been warned!

Some Goof-off on a cotton ball quickly took those marks right off without even breaking a sweat.

I don’t know whether it’s strictly necessary, but I always have a wet paper towel on hand when working with Goof Off. As soon as I see that the surface is sufficiently clean, I quickly wipe away any residual Goof Off with the wet towel. I’m just afraid that if I leave it on there, it may continue dissolving straight through the panel, the table and the floor like Alien blood!

And here it is, all cleaned up and back in original condition.

 Scuff RemovedYamaha Thr10 Repaired