How To Use Solo on DL32R Mixer

DL32R Master Fader Solo ButtonWe’ve had our Mackie DL32R Mixer for how long now?  (nearly 2 years!) And I’ve never bothered to figure out why the Solo channel controls weren’t working as I expected. When I solo a channel, its Solo button turns yellow, and the yellow all-caps SOLO indicator shows up in the top right quick access panel button. But, I don’t hear the channel solo in the audio outputs. Why not?

We don’t really need to use Solo during a gig. But at soundcheck, it sure would be nice! We like to record our soundcheck and then stand out front while playing it back to adjust the mix. Being able to solo a channel would be helpful when dialing in EQ setings, etc.

So, this weekend I finally read the relevant parts of the Mackie Master Fader reference guide, and figured out how to make this work! Just in time for our St Patrick’s Day gig on Friday.

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Hard Disk Failure with DL32R

DL32R Not RecordingAt our Outpost gig last weekend, I noticed at the end of the first set that the red recording light was off in the Master Fader control app for our DL32R mixer.

I know that I started the recording before the first set!  Did I bump it accidentally during the set?

So, I restarted the recording at the beginning of the second set, and the red light was still on after midnight when we finished…

However, when I loaded up the files into Logic to have a listen, they were garbled and glitchy. Here’s an example of what it sounded like: Read the rest of this entry

Working With DL32R Multi Track Audio

Mackie DL32R FrontOne of the great features of our Mackie DL32R mixer is the ability to record rehearsals and gigs in fully independent multi-track audio.

We don’t have a sound guy in my band, so this feature lets us record the soundcheck at a gig, then walk out front and play it right back. We can listen to it in the room from the audience perspective, adjusting the channel levels and EQ as necessary. Much easier than trying to walk out front while playing!

Also, we can record the full gig, so we can review it afterwards, and put together a good mix in a DAW for video productions, etc.

Here are some tips on how to get the most from DL32R multi track recording, and how to work with the audio files in post.

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Mackie DL32R Digital Mixer – Level Up!

Mackie DL32R Front

Using the Mackie DL1608 mixer with my band has totally sold me on the benefits of digital mixing.  But the DL1608 has some shortcomings, and we’ve outgrown it.

Mackie recently released their new top-of-the-line digital mixer – the DL32R.  Back when I posted about their teaser announcement, I was just hoping that we’d get some DL software upgrades for our 1608. But after seeing how the DL32R will address our current issues, I decided to sell the DL1608 and put the funds towards the upgrade.

One obvious benefit of the DL32R is that it has more input and output channels (32 in, 14 out).  We were nearly out of inputs and totally out of outputs on the DL1608.  This was preventing us from adding more sound sources (drum kit mics, guest keyboard, etc).

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Knobs and O-Rings

Mackie DL1608 KnobsOur Mackie DL1608 Mixer has a frustrating flaw. And I have an inexpensive low-tech solution that works.

See that row of 16 gain knobs along the DL1608 back panel?  They are super-low torque and easy to turn, which means that every time we transport the mixer between gigs and rehearsals, something gets bumped.

DL1608 Knob PositionsThis defeats the entire purpose of a digital mixer’s ability to reliably reproduce a mixer setup from one gig and rehearsal to the next. I had to resort to taking pictures of the mixer knobs before moving the mixer!

This problem isn’t confined to the mixer of course. Any guitar player with a bunch pedals strapped to a pedal board knows how frustrating it can be when all the pedal knobs get bumped in transport.

So here’s what I did to solve the problem:

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New Mackie Mixer Teaser

This looks sweet!  Looks like a massive 32×16 channel ipad-controlled console.  The cool thing is, it’s part of the DL line, so it may result in software updates for our DL1608 mixer.

Feedback Destroyer

Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro FBQ2496Garage acoustics aren’t the best, to put it mildy!

In garage rehearsals with my band the Drop Daddies– it can get loud, and we’ve been struggling with the mics feeding back. 

So, a few weeks ago, I ordered an inexpensive Behringer Feedback Destroyer FBQ2496– it was used on Guitar Center for only $50. GC has a good return policy so I figured it’s worth a shot.

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