Strap LOXX

Strap LOXXStrap locks are an indispensable investment for any guitar. There’s nothing worse than having your strap twist free, and your guitar drop to the ground.

On my Les Pauls, I used the Dunlop Dual Design strap locks. They worked fine for a Les Paul, as they attached on the guitar horn, rather than on the back of the guitar.  But on my new SG, I needed something different.

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Angus’ Brown SG Shop

Angus Brown SG

Really loving the sound and feel of my new SG!

In this 1991 Guitar World interview, when asked about being responsible for having sold “more SG’s than just about anyone in the world”, Angus replied:

Yeah, well I have been thinking about opening a store, a brown SG shop. We’ve got every color you want — as long as it’s brown!

Funny, both my 2012 Les Paul Studio and my 2013 SG are called “Vintage Sunburst”, but they don’t look much alike:

Gibson 2013 SG Future TributeGibson 2012 Les Paul Studio

I guess “Vintage Sunburst” sounds better than “brown”.  Angus would disagree!

Restringing Steinberger Gearless Tuners

Steinberger Gearless TunersMy new 2013 Gibson SG Future Tribute has Steinberger gearless tuners.

They look a little goofy, but they’re really easy to re-string, hold their tuning great, and are very easy to tune.

Here are the instructions for restringing:

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2013 Gibson SG “Future Tribute”

Gibson 2013 SG Future Tribute

Continuing a tradition of birthday guitars, I received my new Gibson SG this week. This is the 2013 “Future Tribute” model.

2015-07-20_22-06-26Blank Truss Rod CoverLet’s get one thing out of the way, right up front.  “Future Tribute” is one the most ridiculous guitar model names I’ve ever heard.

Seriously, before I even received the guitar, I ordered a replacement truss rod cover blank (Gibson part #PRTR-010), so I won’t have to ever see that all-caps “FUTURE” on my guitar 🙂

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Stupid Deal on an SG

Gibson 2013 SG SDOTD

These Stupid Deal of the Day messages from Musician’s Friend are dangerous! 
I sorta lost my mind a little when I saw this.

$499 for a USA Gibson SG?!  Ok, I’ll give it a go.  MF has a great return policy, so nothing to lose.

On order!

Three Les Pauls

Three Les PaulsI’ve been playing an Epiphone 1960 Les Paul Tribute Plus for the last couple years, and loving it.  On a whim, I recently tried a couple of these unbelievably inexpensive Monoprice Route 66 guitars.  A couple weeks ago, my birthday rolled around, and I ended up purchasing a new Gibson 2013 Les Paul Studio.  The Gibson is twice the price of my Epiphone and nearly ten times the price of the Monoprice.  What are the differences?  How do they stack up?

There was a brief window of time before I returned the Route 66, where I had all three guitars on hand- my trusted Epiphone, the low cost Route 66, and my brand new Les Paul Studio.   So being the obsessive guitar nut that I am, it seemed like a good opportunity to film a comparison:

Three Les Pauls

Les Paul 1952 Ad

Ted McCarty and Les PaulThe Les Paul. 

It’s an iconic guitar- first introduced in 1952 as Gibson guitar’s response to Fenders solid body telecaster.   It was Gibson’s first solid body, and was designed by then Gibson president Ted McCarty in collaboration with the man himself, Lester William Polsfuss

As with most things, this guitar is available at all different price points and quality levels.  Today I’m taking a look at three Les Pauls, at three different price points.  First up is  this beautiful 2013 Gibson Les Paul Studio, at around $1100.  Next is this gorgeous Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus, at around $600.    And last is this Monoprice Route 66 imitation Les Paul, which can be had for a mere $100. 

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.  

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Birthdays with Les Paul

Gibson 2013 Les Paul Studio Vintage SunburstGibson 2013 Les Paul Studio Vintage SunburstGibson 2013 Les Paul Studio

A couple years back on my birthday, my family gave me a 2012 Epiphone 1960 Les Paul Tribute Plus.  I love that guitar – and have played it nearly every day for two years.   Aside from some cosmetic issues, the only real negative about the Tribute Plus is that it’s heavy- it’s a solid body with no weight relief.  I’ve been playing many long gigs and rehearsals with my band the Drop Daddies, and the weight really does takes its toll.

This year for my birthday, my wife again suggested I get a new guitar.  I like this tradition!!  This time, I chose a Gibson 2013 Les Paul Studio. I purchased it from Sweetwater– they had a great “last year’s model” price – under a grand, with a hard case.  And their photo gallery selection process took a lot of the gambling and guesswork out of the online purchase.  Their service was awesome, the guitar arrived exactly as pictured, and it was nicely set up (though for some reason they had put 9’s on it, so my first job was to change it to 10’s and redo the setup).

Contrasting mahogany neck and granadillio fretboardThe Les Paul Studio is a very effective compromise in features vs. price.  It’s very similar in quality and playability compared to the higher-end Gibson’s- only really lacking some cosmetic fanciness.  With Gibson Les Pauls, you’ll pay 2 or 3 times the price of the Studio before see body/neck bindings, figured top woods and elaborate inlays.

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