Drop Daddies at Norms St Patricks Day 2017This was our 5th year playing St Patrick’s Day at Norm’s Grill in Danville.  And it was off… the… hook!!

We had an absolute blast.

It was my first time ever playing a gig without an amp- and the Helix was awesome!  There wasn’t even room on stage for the Eon 610, so I just went direct into our DL32R mixer and out to our in-ears and the PA.  I’m a Helix believer!

I loved my simple guitar rig setup and tiny stage footprint. But any time savings in my setup were forfeit to the complexity of setting up all six of us on the narrow raised stage. It was around 16 feet wide, but only 6 feet deep, so not a lot of room for gear.  It’s a good thing I didn’t have my amp this time! Jeff and Ryan’s amps ended up down on the ground to the right of the stage.

St Patrick’s Day 2017

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