A new series on guitar electronics

This is part 1 of a new series on guitar electronics.  In the video, I demonstrate how to get the electronics out of a semi-hollow body guitar, with some useful tips and tricks.

Once the electronics are out of the guitar, it’s relatively easy to try some experiments on the circuit to see how it sounds.    I’m planning a number of upcoming experiments including:

  • Experimenting with replacement pots
  • Adding treble bleed to the volume pots
  • Trying different tone capacitors to see how it changes the sound
  • Replacing the jack with one with a longer bushing Switchcraft jack
  • Replacing the pickups
  • Putting all the electronics back into a semi-hollow body guitar through the f-hole

Every step of the way, I’ll be recording audio examples, how-to videos, and text writeup.

I look forward to hearing any comments or suggestions.  Please let me know your experiences too!