Ktone Travel Guitar

Ok, I admit it. I was seduced by the low low price.   This Ktone travel guitar, found cheap on ebay, is apparently a knockoff of the Hofner Shorty.  The Shorty gets reasonably good reviews, so I took a chance on this one.    After a few minutes with the Ktone, it became very clear that the flaws in workmanship and detail far outweigh the price savings.

Turns out, sometimes you get exactly what you pay for…  So, I’m now turning my attention to the significantly more expensive, but undoubtedly waaaay better Traveler Guitar Escape EG-1 Vintage.  I had a chance to play it at a local GC, and this one looks to be a winner.

Here’s some pictures of the Ktone guitar, which start off promising and then go downhill fast:

Ktone Travel Guitar- Ultra cheap gig bag, cord and wrench included Ktone Travel Guitar

Ktone Travel Guitar- Totally broken tone knob Ktone Travel Guitar- Rough neck join Ktone Travel Guitar- Gaps in fret slots Ktone Travel Guitar- Scratched finish and misdrilled holes Ktone Travel Guitar- Drilling holes, "this time for sure!" Ktone Travel Guitar Ktone Travel Guitar- Milling marks and dents