Korg Grandstage Launch

It’s exiting to see the Korg Grandstage launch this week. This is one of the new KRONOS-derived keyboard products I’ve been working on over the past few years.

Unveiling The Grandstage John With The Vox Continental

I don’t get to write very often about new product announcements from Korg R&D. The last time I posted about a big Korg reveal was when the KRONOS was announced in 2011! Of course, we’ve released numerous software updates and hardware revs for the KRONOS over the years, but these don’t count as entirely new products.

The Grandstage was first unveiled at this year’s NAMM, and it is actually being released before the VOX Continental which was unveiled at last year‘s NAMM show. All in good time!

Our team has worked really hard on these products, and it’ll be very interesting to see how they’re received.

See all the details at Korg’s Grandstage page. And check out the new introduction video: