Helix Has Landed

My Helix arrived last night.  Sweet! I lost myself for a couple hours, going through the presets and getting familiar with the unit.

I borrowed a JBL EON 610 full-range powered speaker for the occasion, and the combination sounds amazing.  I haven’t even tried plugging it into my Blackstar Stage 60 yet.  It sounds soooo good through the full range speaker. 

The Helix is a beautifully built machine- solid as a tank! The footswitches, knobs and wah treadle are seriously next-level quality, compared to my HD500X. And the huge display, scribble strips, and colors are all just glorious.

Did I mention how amazing it sounds?!

I haven’t even started editing yet, but I’m super-excited to delve into it. We have a gig in less than 2 weeks and thinking about whether I’m crazy to switch my whole rig up, this close to a gig.

Line 6 Helix  Line 6 Helix Wah Treadle