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Danville 4th of July Parade

Cool experience, playing with the Drop Daddies in the Danville 4th of July Parade.

Danville 4th of July Parade

Jerrel’s 50th Birthday Gig

Great time last weekend, playing with the Drop Daddies for a friend’s 50th birthday party.

Jerrel’s 50th

St. Patricks’ Day Gig 2016

The Drop Daddies‘s 4th time playing this party- and we’re not an Irish band! 🙂

Norms St. Patricks’ Day Party 2016



I was just looking through some photos and came across these, taken during my shoot for my Three Les Pauls video. I was really happy with how that video turned out. I’ve been asked a few times how I achieved that black background, and I always get a good reaction when I say I just shot it in my living room with cheap lights and a black sheet 🙂 It’s all about positioning the lights correctly, setting proper exposure, and crushing the blacks in post.

Three Les Pauls Video ShootThree Les Pauls Video ShootThree Les Pauls Video Shoot

Halloween Gig at Studio 541

Absolute blast at last night’s gig with the Drop Daddies– in full disco regalia.

70’s Halloween Party at Studio 541

Walk to End Alzheimer’s 2015

http://www.dropdaddies.com/walk-to-end-alzheimers-2015/It was an honor to be part of the Walnut Creek to Walk to End Alzheimer’s yesterday with the Drop Daddies.

Walk To End Alzheimer’s 2015

Booze Cruise Gig

Great party last night with the Drop Daddies.

Greenbrook Booze Cruise 2015


Teresa’s 40th Birthday gig

Good times last night with the Drop Daddies! Such a fun party.

During our sunset sound check, the HD500X wah pedal freaked out again, same as I reported back in May at our last outdoor gig. So now I’ve confirmed that sunlight at just the wrong angle can definitely interfere with the optical sensor of the HD500X wah pedal. 🙁   I’ll need to figure out a workaround for this, as we play a number of outdoor gigs each year!

Teresa’s 40th Birthday


Blackhawk Auto Museum Gig

Played a gig with the Drop Daddies at the Blackhawk Auto Museum last night, surrounded by priceless cars.  Fun!

Stafford’s 40th Birthday at Blackhawk Auto Museum

Happy 100th Birthday Les

lespaul43Today, Les Paul would’ve been 100 years old.

One of the many inspiring stories about Les Paul: at the young age of 33, he was in a terrible car accident and shattered his right arm and elbow.  They couldn’t rebuild his elbow and he was offered the choice to amputate.  Instead he had them set his arm permanently at a 90 degree angle so he could still play guitar. Despite the long recovery and his “handicap”, he continued to play guitar until his death at age 94.  That’s dedication!

I still play my Les Paul every day, and am thankful for Les’ numerous contributions to our musical world – from his innovations with the electric guitar and multi-track recording, to his love of making and sharing music.   Happy Birthday Les!

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