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Filling In The Spaces

Stack of DraftsI’ve been so busy with work and my band that I’ve neglected this blog for a loooong time. I’ve posted gig updates and not much else. However, I have accumulated tons of draft posts and notes over the last 3 years that I never published, just for lack of time and focus to get em done. The longer I waited and further behind I got, the harder it became to commit to doing the work to catch up.

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New Pedal Board – HD500X on Risers

New Pedalboard HD500XI’m massively downsizing my stage footprint! This new pedal board will be much simpler- focused around my new Line 6 HD500X, and the footswitch controller for my Blackstar Stage 60.

The only pedals left on the board are my Planet Waves Tru-Strobe tuner and DIY clean boost.

I’ve got the Stage 60’s 4-footswitch controller up front, along with an additional switch for the lead boost on channel 3 (repurposed from my VOX AC15, with a red LED added).

Height Issue with FootswitchesThe problem as you can see here is that the Stage 60 footswitch is taller than the HD500X.  If I just sit them on the board next to each other, the Stage 60 switches are uncomfortably high relative to the front row of switches on the HD500X, making them hard to reach.

So I decided to put the whole HD500X on risers.  Here’s how:

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A Year in the Drop Daddies

Drop Daddies posterIt’s been a very busy year. I haven’t had much time for making videos and posting blog updates.  Here’s why:

About a year ago, I started up a band – the Drop Daddies – with some of the other Dad’s at our kids’ elementary school.  Originally, the idea was just to get together on weekends to play some music and have fun.  Almost immediately however, a friend invited us to play at her 2012 end-of-the-world party.   That humble little gig by the Christmas tree kicked off a very busy year for the band.  So far, we’ve learned 60+ songs and played at least a dozen gigs- bars, an auction, carnivals, and parties large and small.

A few observations – each of which should be its own blog post, but I’ll collect them here for now and maybe expand on them later:

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Don’t Break The Chain

CalendarIn my Millionth Anniversary video back in 2012, I talked about Jerry Seinfeld’s motivational technique for tricking yourself into getting things done.  “Don’t Break The Chain!”

Since February 19, 2012- I’ve kept my pledge to play guitar every day, no matter what.  That’s 660 days!  Yes, sometimes it’s just a few minutes right before bed.  But more often, once I pick up the guitar, I end up playing for a good session.

I no longer need to draw X’s on a calendar, as in Jerry’s technique-  I just know that I don’t want to miss a day.  This technique really builds new, effective habits.

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One Millionth Anniversary!

It seems not that long ago, I was celebrating 100,000 views.  Now, I don’t regularly check and obsess over my YouTube channel view-count. But this week, while trying to catch up on my replies to an ever-increasing backlog on my YouTube inbox, I noticed that my view count was in the high nines.    Well, this morning, this is what I saw:

1 Million Views

This is truly a mind-bender.

I recorded a quick video to say thanks to everyone, and to solicit some feedback for my future projects.  I also talk a bit at the end about Jerry Seinfeld’s motivational technique for tricking yourself into getting things done.  Don’t Break The Chain!

Play on!