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Back From China, Still Catching Up!

Jet Lag!!I’m home- still recovering from jetlag, and readjusting to reality.

I’m doing my best to catch up on all the email/youtube questions and comments that I received while away.  Please be patient if you haven’t heard back from me yet.

I have several videos left on the burner from before we left.  These just need final editing and post-production, so stay tuned!

Great Wall of China

Hi everyone,

I’m in China right now visiting family.

Internet access is intermittent and slow/glitchy from where I’m staying in Urumqi, and it looks like the great Chinese firewall blocks all access to youtube and facebook, so I won’t be able to reply to youtube video comments or private messages until I return in a couple weeks.   Thanks for your patience!

I did receive everyone’s facebook birthday wishes via email update, but am unable to reply.  Thanks everyone!

I’ll look forward to sharing my travel guitar experience when I return 🙂


Catching up on mail and videos

delayedThe last few weeks have been a bit crazy, and I’m way behind on my inbox.   I get quite a few emails and youtube-comments every day.   I do try to reply to all questions, but I apologize for any delays.

I also want to express my gratitude for the many kind thank you’s and great job’s I’ve received—these messages really do make it all worthwhile.  I don’t have time to individually respond to every one of you, but please know that I really appreciate the kind feedback!

In other news, my next video, comparing the Vox AC15HW1 and AC15C1 has been stalled for the last couple months, due to hangs and crashing in my video editing software of choice:  Sony Vegas Pro.  I’ve been working with Sony tech support on tracking down the cause of the bugs.  Meanwhile, I’ve restarted my project from scratch several times now, and I’m starting to go a little stir-crazy.   I shot all the video in December, so it’s starting to feel ridiculous that I haven’t been able to get this out yet.   Hopefully I’ll get er done in the next week or so.