ART Headphone Amp Repair

We’ve been using the ART HeadAmp6 6-channel Headphone Amp in my band for a few years, and it’s always worked like a champ. A while back however, the front panel lights began flickering disconcertingly and we were hearing some hum on a couple channels. I decided to crack open the case to see if it was something simple like a loose connector.

ART Headamppro Top Panel ART HeadAmpPro Side Screws

First I removed the six screws on the top panel and the screws on each side, and then lifted away the panel.

ART HeadAmpPro Interior ART HeadAmpPro Front Panel Circuit

I attempted disconnecting and reconnecting the ribbon cables, touching/wiggling all the components, etc, but nothing resolved the hum and those front panel flickering lights.

In the end, I called ART Pro Audio, and though we were right at the edge of the 3-year warranty, they graciously agreed to repair it.  I shipped it over to them, and a few weeks later received the repaired unit. They replaced the front panel board and now all is well again.

Thanks ART for the excellent customer service!