Adding Controls to a Dot Studio

I was asked this question by Jeff on my treble bleed youtube video:

I’m going to upgrade an Epiphone DOT Studio that I recently picked up and I’ll be putting two additional POTs in.. I have a request, would you please send me a link to your wiring diagram and would you PLEASE make a crude template showing where your POT and selector switches are positioned in relationship to each other on the guitar? I want the installation to look as stock (personal use but…) as possible. Thought about going to GC and making one but didn’t think they’d appreciate me pulling off the knobs. Haven’t been able to find a template in three days of searching πŸ™‚ Thanks again

Epiphone Riviera MeasurementsThis sounds like a fun project, Jeff!

Tonight I pulled the knobs off my Epiphone Riviera P93, and used some calipers to measure all the spacings. The Riviera should be representative of a typicalΒ Gibson 335-style guitar like the Epiphone Dot and Sheraton. I took a picture and added some crude annotations (click to enlarge). Note, all the measurements are in millimeters.

It looks like you’ll need to swap the placement of your Dot Studio switch and volume pot, and add a couple new holes down below the f-hole for your second volume and tone.

335 Style Wiring DiagramYou’ll also need to revise the wiring. The Dot Studio has a single master volume and tone, and will need to change that to individual volume and tone controls for the two pickups. I made a sketch of the wiring diagram for this 3-pickup Riviera, which will be an interesting reference, but won’t be exactly what you want since your Dot Studio only has two pickups. Instead, try this wiring diagram for a typical 335-style guitar with two humbuckers, 3-way selector switch, two tone and two volume controls.

Good luck with the project! Share some pictures when you’ve completed it.